Cushion Insoles

Cushion Insoles

Cushion Insoles: the lighter option

The Cushion insoles are made of PU and EVA foam, which is lighter than silicone insole. Cushion insoles are the better choice if you pursuit lightness insoles. The extra cushion are availible at heel and arch part in order to absorb shock during walking and relieve pain after long period of standing.

Gel Cushion Insoles: Light and comfotable

The gel cushion insoles are cushion insoles covered with TPR or PU gel at the top or button of inosles. The gel layer can slightly adjust shape of insoles depends on different feet to provides whole feet support.

Yuea-Tay provides cushion insoles in full range of size in men and women. With various types of cushion material, provide extra cushion and gel layers at heel, arch and ball part for shock absorption. Please feel free to contact us

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