Silicone Gel Insole

Complete Range of Medical Metatarsal Pads and Silicone Insoles

As a leading foot care insoles supplier, Yuea Tay design and provide a wide selection of Silicone Insole, Silicone Gel Insoles, Silicone Metatarsal Insoles , Silicone Heel Cups, and Silicone Accessories for customers.

Silicone insoles conform with ergonomics that relieve pain

Silicone Gel Insole products absorb the impact on ankles, hip joints and spine while walking. They relieve heel pain and help the distribution of pressure on the foot. Browse our complete line of insoles here.

Medical Grade Silicone Material

Some of the product consists of two kinds of silicone material: soft and firm. These two silicone insole materials were tested for biocompatibility that capable for medical using.

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