Foam Insole | Yuea Tay Industrial Co., Ltd.

Foam insole offers a complete range of anti-fatigue ergonomic insoles and orthotics.
Founded in 1984, Yuea Tay is one of the leading Insole Manufacturers in Taiwan for its good reputation and outstanding technology in the shoes and footcare market.
The insole is the interior bottom of a shoe, the purpose of insole is to attach to the lasting margin of the upper. Good insoles could make a world of difference to your feet, therefore, we manufacture a wide range of comfort insoles and supportive insoles. Our foot care products include Foam Insoles, Orthopedic Insoles, Silicone Insoles, Gel Cushion Insoles, Arch Support Insoles, Metatarsal Insoles, Gel Flip-flops, and all kinds of Functional Insoles. Our insoles are resonable prices and high quality. We can meet all your needs, please feel free to contact us.

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